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Free Volunteer Doula Services:


I am currently completing my DONA international Doula Certification. Part of receiving my certification is to attend a minimum of 3 births as the mothers primary Doula. Currently my volunteer doulas services is all I am accepting until I complete my certification even if I've reached my 3rd birth. Once it is complete I will still offer volunteer services on special needs basis. As my commitment is to women/mothers and their experience during childbirth - not driven by finances.

Do I have to birth naturally?


I know many women aren't aware of what a Doula is and may carry a misconception that doulas only want to work with women who are birthing naturally. Now this may be true for some however the majority of doulas I have met and including myself are here to assist any mother during any birthing style. 

Now I may encourage you to do so, as I do believe that we are built for birthing and with proper education and support it is a attainable goal.

With that being said my goal is to be that added support  to your birthing experience however you envision it. Whether you choose to birth naturally, medicated, have a planned c-section or experiencing a still birth, either way if you may need support I am willing to assist you. 

Price is it really Free?


As explained I am doing it as part of my certification. Although you can charge without being certified that is not my desire. You are welcome to donate if you feel moved to does not have to be money, I love food too! haha. However yes it is free I currently am working M-W and if the birth falls in this time frame that is time that I will miss off work so these are things to consider. However it is my volunteering act I will assist you as your doula with no expectation of getting anything but baby pictures after birth! :) 


MyDoulas Service Provided: 

  • 2 Consultation Prior to delivery
    • 1 st Consultation we will meet and discuss your birth desire, prior birth experience if any, draw a birthing plan, discuss any concerns or questions you may have,
    • 2nd Consultation I will provide your birthing plan if we made one, we will practice some comfort movements, and anything else that may come to mind. 
  • 24/7 Communication via call/text/email starting at 37 weeks until day of delivery. 
  • During Labor & Delivery
    • Be there to assist, comfort the whole duration of your delivery. 
    • Make sure to advocate for your desire birthing experience. 
    • Provide comfort measures and reminders. Assist where need be even if its with direct family members. 
  • 1 Post Labor Consultation at the very lease
    • Just check up on you and the family
    • Of course I'd want to see the baby as well! 



* Part of my volunteer doula service, I may request for you and your provider to complete a document that evaluates your experience with me. Which will be part of the documents I will submit to DONA international to be reviewed in order to receive my certification. 



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When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.
— Marie Mongan

Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.
— Jane Weideman

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