My Doulas
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Supporting Women Birthing Tribes


My Doulas Mission


My Doulas mission is to assist women of all walks of life, culture, ethnics, religion or lack of, age, and any other diversity there may be...

 Experience the birth that she uniquely embodies.

Provide genuine support to expectant mothers, women, and families who experience birth at any stage of pregnancy. 

What is a Doula?


A woman who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born.


Amazingly there are a few types of Doulas that are specifically trained to meet your needs - check out our Doulas page to learn all about the benefits that families are gaining from working with Doulas, Midwives, different birthing styles and more. 

Our Goal


To support our women in any stage of pregnancy and labor

Who Is My Doula?


Hello There!

 I am a mother to four and birther to one son. After experiencing an emotional pregnancy and bittersweet labor with my son it fuel my passion for learning more about and working alongside women during the all natural stages of birthing children.

As Your Doula my sole purpose is to advocate, assist, facilitate and provide useful resources for you to experience the nature of birth that you desire. Women are one of the key ingredients, without us there is no right of passage to Life. Throughout generations women have been birthing nations. I believe birthing should be regarded as a sacred moment that we are built for.

Lastly I want to thank you for taking the time to visit our little nitch!

Training: Currently Completing DONA Birth Doula Certification | DONA Breastfeeding  | Still Birth Day  (SBD) Doula Certification   | DONA Post Partum Doula Certification