Volunteer Doula Service

Volunteer Doula Service


       Donation Based Service 

(Not Required Always Appreciated)

Please Read: I am currently still completing my DONA Doula Certification. Part of receiving my certification is to attend 3 births as the mothers Doula. Currently my Volunteer Doulas Services is all I am accepting until I complete my certification. Once it is complete I will still offer Volunteer services on specific basis, as my commitment is to women/mothers and their experience during childbirth - not driven by finances.

If we have spoken about Volunteer Doula Services - Below is the services I will gladly give to you! :) 


Doula Services : 

  • 2 Consultation Prior to delivery
    • 1 st Consultation we will meet and discuss your birth desire, prior birth experience if any, draw a birthing plan, discuss any concerns or questions you may have,
    • 2nd Consultation I will provide your birthing plan, we will practice some comfort movements. 
  • 24/7 Communication via call/text/email starting at 37 weeks.
  • During Labor & Delivery
    • Be there to assist, comfort the whole duration of your delivery. 
    • Make sure to advocate for your desire birthing experience. 
  • 1 Post Labor Consultation
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