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Birth Doula currently providing services for women in Jacksonville Florida, surrounding areas including Middleburg, St. Augustine.  Can travel.

*Later into 2018 will be moving and  providing Doula Services in Maryland, Washington DC, DMV area.

* Also Offer Virtual Doula Services check out our Shop for details! 

What are the benefits of having a Doula?


·         reduces overall Cesarean birth rate 50%

·         reduces the length of labor 25%

·         reduces Pitocin use 40%

·         reduces the need for forceps delivery 40%

·         reduces requests for epidural pain relief 60%

A Doula is committed to fully assisting the woman to prepare and carry out her desired birthing plan.Continuously staying with the woman throughout the labor
While providing emotional support and physical comfort measures
Communicating between the laboring woman, her partner, family and clinical care providers

Allowing the woman’s partner to participate at his/her comfort level and assist when desired. Delivering information to make informed decisions before, during and after birth

Serve the woman  as needed during her labour. 

Is a Doula a Midwife? 

No, a Doula and a Midwife are not the same however they both have their own unique roles.

A Doula is specifically a professionally trained to provide physical, emotional, comfort support continuously during labor. A Doula will also provide you with information and resources to make aid in making informed decisions. A Doula will not provide any medical advice or task. The sole purpose of a Doula focused on the birthing woman emotional and comfort support. 

A Midwife is a professional specialized in pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care and reproductive health. A midwife performs exams during prenatal, does clinical task, gives clinical advice, diagnoses and treats both mother and child during and after birth. A midwife can delivery the child at home, birthing center, or in a hospital setting. You typically will find two major types of midwives. Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) and Certified Professional Midwives (CPM).

CNM: is a registered nurse who receives additional training in pregnancy and childbirth and has a master’s degree in nurse midwifery

CPM: works independently with women delivering at home or in birth centers. CPMs attend births and usually provide prenatal care.

Great Link to learn more about the different types of midwives : LearnMore

When a Doula is present at my birth, how does my partner fit in?

Your partner fits in right where they belong next to you. A Doula and a partner have their own individual roles when assisting the woman in labor. A Doula continuously provides support for the mother and partner if needed. For example making last minute calls, preparing bags, dinner, the room, reminding the mother and partner of birthing plans, and giving information when needed. The partner can also provide comfort measures and when need of rest the Doula can step in an assist. The Doula role is not to replace a partner but to assist in taking care of any other stress that may be present and allow for both the woman and partner to solely focus on enjoying and bonding during the birthing experience. 

Will you still support me if I am getting an epidural and other medications?

Yes Absolutely! My role as your Doula is to be there to assist You through YOUR desired birthing experience. As a train professional I am not here to judge your decisions I am here to assist in educating, assisting, and providing ease through your birthing experience. 

If I have a planned c-section how can a Doula help me?

Yes a Doula can! Having a C-Section is still major surgery doulas can assist getting your prepared for the delivery date. Aid emotional and provide support directly after the procedure. You may want to rest, spend time with your child, or just need emotional assistance. Which all will aid in the recovery of the C-Section and transition into your daily living with your newborn. 


Covered By Insurance?

Please Visit our Insurance Reimbursement Page. Thankfully there is in increase in Insurance companies who have now begun reimbursments for Doula birth and postpartum services. Visit the page to learn more!

Offer any payment plans? 

Yes! I am willing to work with all who are in need or would like a Doula. Whether you are able to afford it or not. Under special circumstances I can make arrangements or adjustments. Our Basic Plan is listed below however we could still speak on other possibilities. Finances should not deter one from being able to acquire beneficial service. 

Payment Plan Basics:

Deposit: 20% Final Price.

Installments up to 4-5 every 2 weeks

Total balance due by the end of 37th Week


More to Come! 

If you have any questions please ask!